-- ADD 30 MILLION uninsured to a Health Care System that is FULL with patients.
-- TAKE AWAY Health Care from those who have health insurance (Rationing). GIVE their Health Care to 30 MILLION who do NOT have health insurance.
(including criminals, illegals, drug addicts, those who hide their income, etc.).
-- Make it Easy to Qualify for "Almost FREE" Health Insurance by Making it Easy to Hide Income.
-- Give PRIORITY Research for Homosexual diseases (HIV/AIDS or GRID). Patients with other diseases can WAIT for Medical Research.
-- Give 1,100,000 Homosexuals the FREEDOM to spread sickness, diseases, and death to others. In 20 years, DEATH for 1 MILLION MORE Americans!
-- Give Health Care workers the FREEDOM to Kill 100,000 every year and to Injure 2 MILLION every year by spreading viruses and bacteria in hospitals.
-- 20 NEW or Higher Taxes!
-- 150 NEW Federal "Health Control" Agencies.
-- Health Care RATIONING.
-- Over Budget! 1 to 2.6 TRILLION in NEW Taxes.
-- 16,000 NEW IRS Agents to collect NEW Taxes.
-- Government is the doctors' NEW BOSS. Many doctors will QUIT (or RETIRE early) because of reduced & delayed payments & more regulations.
INCREASED SHORTAGE of Health Care workers.
-- see this website for more information.
and the GOLDEN AGE of Health Care!
ObamaCare suffering has arrived. Do not suffer in silence.
BAD things happen... when GOOD people do nothing!
Complain about ObamaCare!
Your phone calls will help. Your letters will help.
Complain LOUDER. Obama and the Democrat Party are not listening!
Golden Age of America
Health Care
PHOTOS of ObamaCare Nightmare
PHOTO of Teacup and ObamaCare Nightmare
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RATIONING & DENIAL of Medical Care with ObamaCare
Reduce Health Care Acquired Infections
(600 BILLION savings/20 years)
HIV/AIDS Identification Program
(500 BILLION savings/20 years)
CANCEL ObamaCare (1 to 2.6 TRILLION savings)
Reduce Insurance for Sexually Transmitted Infections (100 BILLION+ savings/20 years)
SPEND the 2.2+ TRILLION DOLLAR Savings to:
EXPAND Health Care (more doctors, nurses, etc.)
EXPAND Medical Research to Discover
God's Medical Miracles. More Medical Cures and Solutions will appear!
EXPAND Molecular & ManufacturingTechnology
EXPAND Computer & Data Technology and
More Medical Cures and Solutions will appear!
MILLIONS of patients will leave hospitals to
celebrate LIFE with their families and friends!
See this website for more information.
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