The ObamaCare LAW (PPACA) and its Regulations
have more than ONE MILLION words!
Every sentence, every paragraph, every page
has the POWER of LAW.
There are THOUSANDS of LAWS inside ObamaCare!
The ObamaCare Law TAKES AWAY Health Care from those who have health insurance.
The ObamaCare Law GIVES Health Care to 30 MILLION who do NOT have health insurance.
(including criminals, illegals, drug addicts, those who hide their income, etc.)

The ObamaCare Law does NOT increase the SUPPLY of doctors, nurses, medical equipment, etc.
Many cities and states are reporting SHORTAGES of Health Care.
Where are the EXTRA doctors, nurses, and medical services
for 30 MILLION extra patients (or an extra 115 MILLION hospital visits every year) ?

There will be MASSIVE SHORTAGES of Health Care
when 30 MILLION patients are added to a Health Care System that is FULL.
ObamaCare is a GIANT TSUNAMI of uninsured patients entering hospitals and clinics!
Obama & the Democrat Party need to explain...
How will they GIVE "Almost FREE" Health Care
to 30-42 MILLION uninsured patients
when the Health Care System is FULL ?
when Obama and the Democrat Party legalize 12 MILLION illegals!
ADD 12 MILLION patients (or 45 MILLION hospital visits every year)
for a TOTAL of 42 MILLION new patients (or 160 MILLION hospital visits every year).
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