Obamacare contains 20 NEW or HIGHER TAXES. Extra TAX on investment income, TAX on health insurance companies, TAX on drug companies, TAX on medical equipment companies, TAX on special health insurance, TAX on high medical bills, TAX on charitable hospitals, Payroll TAX increase, reduction in Medicare budgets, budget transfers, etc. This money is taken from Americans and goes to ObamaCare! For additional information, Hertiage Foundation has over a hundred reports on the ObamaCare Nightmare!
The ObamaCare DEBT will INCREASE
when Obama and the Democrat Party legalize 12 MILLION illegals!
ADD Health Care COSTS for 12 MILLION new patients!
Using the AWESOME POWER of the Federal Government,
Obama and the Democrat Party will TAKE AWAY Health Care from those who have health insurance
and GIVE their Health Care to 30 MILLION who do NOT have health insurance.
(including criminals, illegals, drug addicts, those who hide their income, etc.)

This Nationwide ACT of THEFT was approved by Obama and the Democrat Party.
It is LEGALIZED THEFT because the Supreme Court of the United States approved it.

The SECOND Nationwide ACT of THEFT... Obama and the Democrat Party FORCED
Retired Americans, Taxpayers, Americans with Medicare, and Americans with Health Insurance
to "PAY the COST" to GIVE "Almost FREE" Health Care to 30 MILLION.
(including criminals, illegals, drug addicts, those who hide their income, etc.)
The TSUNAMI of DEBT for ObamaCare will INCREASE.
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How will Obama & Democrats GIVE "Almost FREE" Health Care
to 30-42 MILLION uninsured patients when the Health Care System is FULL ?