ObamaCare Arrives... IT IS TIME TO SUFFER... with ObamaCare!
It is time to tell Obama and the Democrat Party to EXPAND the Health Care System with more doctors, more nurses, and more health care workers --- BEFORE adding 30-42 MILLION to a Health Care System that is FULL with patients!

It is time to tell the Government to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria in hospitals! This will reduce the cost of medical care. It will bring the Golden Age Gift of Life and Health to patients. If the Government refuses, it is time for a NEW Government.
Total Cost of ObamaCare is 2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS.
Almost everyone will suffer with ObamaCare! Taxpayers, Retired Americans, Americans with Medicare, Americans with health insurance will SUFFER -- including Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and those who do not vote!

This website explains the ObamaCare Nightmare on pages 12 to 19 and pages 24 to 27. Links to websites with more information are on pages 20 and 21. Photos of the ObamaCare Nightmare are on page 17 and pages 25 to 27. Your suffering is about to begin. Please do not suffer in silence! Complain about ObamaCare!

Obama, the Democrat Party, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and reporters do NOT want to listen to you! They hope you to get TIRED of complaining! When this happens, Government will take over the entire Health Care System of the United States! Please do not give up! Complain LOUDER. Ask them: "How will they push 30 MILLION into a Health Care System that is Full without RATIONING -- and, without destroying the quality of health care? Demand Answers.
Someone has to pay for it! If you have health insurance or pay taxes, that someone is YOU
-- and, you will have less money. This is how Democrats CREATE POVERTY.