Golden Age of America
Health Care
In the Golden Age of Health Care, America will become an empire discovering God's Medical Miracles -- and millions will be cured from sickness and diseases! There will be great advances in Health Care when Americans work with the “Dignity of Labor” and the “Five Freedoms” to deliver "Freedom from Sickness and Diseases!"

Medical Technology will deliver great improvements to Health Care with molecular imaging and molecular medicine! Computer Technology will deliver wonderful improvements to Health Care with computer aided detection of diseases and miniaturization of medical equipment to monitor patients at home! Data Technology will deliver Quality of Health Care by reducing medical errors and increasing the accuracy of prescriptions. Computer and Data Technology will apply knowledge sharing techniques to distribute new discoveries to doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, and to patients! Manufacturing Technology will deliver great advances in Health Care with robotic surgery and robotic detection of diseases. This magnificent technology will be available to hospitals, medical centers, and to patients in the comfort of their homes!

Imagine the JOY in America, when MILLIONS leave hospitals to celebrate LIFE. Their American Dream has come true! They will go home to celebrate LIFE with their families and friends! By curing sickness and diseases, Americans are building cities filled with LIFE. They are building rural areas filled with LIFE. When this happens, America becomes a NATION filled with LIFE.

Building a NATION filled with LIFE... is the Future of America! This is the Golden Age of Health Care!

Unfortunately, Obama and the Democrat Party pushed the Golden Age of Health Care into the Future. Actions speak louder than words. They took away 700 BILLION dollars from Medicare. They created SPECIAL TAXES on Medical Equipment! Obama and the Democrat Party spent 927 BILLION dollars a year for 79 Welfare Programs. Obama and the Democrat Party are CLEARLY telling Americans "We will spend your tax money on WELFARE... NOT Health Care!" It gets worse! Obama and the Democrat Party want to push the Golden Age of Health Care much farther into the Future!
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