This Death Chart will tell you when it is your Time to Die. It is an AGE BASED chart. If patients are 15 to 40 years old, they are in the GREEN Zone. They receive PRIORITY medical care. If patients are younger than 15 or older than 40, they are in the RED Zone. They will be DENIED medical care. The deeper inside the RED Zone, the greater the medical care rationing. Government employees will examine the doctors' diagnosis for treatment. Government employees will approve or reject medical care. If the patient is in the RED zone (and needs that medical care to live), it is time for the patient to die.

The chart shows a 60 year old in the RED Zone will receive 27% medical care. The Government rationed away 73% of his medical care! If the patient needs that medical care to live, it is time for the patient to die!

The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) believe the most useful members of society are 15 to 40 years old. They receive PRIORITY Medical Care. Look at the facts! Are they the most useful members of society? The Bureau of Labor Statistics says 100 million working age Americans NOT working. MILLIONS of them are between 15 to 40 years old. What are those 100 million Americans doing?
It is Time for You to Die.
The NEW Health Care Act is a LAW everyone must FOLLOW -- or, they will be PUNISHED. The Govenment will push 30 MILLION uninsured Americans into a Health Care System that is FULL (and sometimes) overflowing with patients. This is equal to adding 115 MILLION NEW hospital visits (every year) into a Health Care System that is FULL.

In the first 5 years, there will be 575 MILLION NEW hospital visits into a Health Care System that is FULL. In 8 years, there will be a shortage of 180 MILLION doctor hours EVERY YEAR (or 90,000 doctors). The United States of Hollywood has a solution: Health Care RATIONING. Health Care RATIONING is the heart (or center) of this LAW.

A 5 year old girl looked at her Mom and Dad. It was time for her to die. A 60 year old man looked at his wife, children, and grandchildren. It was time for him to die. They died on the same day in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. Cause of Death: Health Care Rationing.
The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) delivers
MORE Sickness, MORE Diseases, MORE Deaths
with the NEW Health Care LAW
(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)
   605,000 Americans take Heroin.
   779,000 Americans take LSD.
2,800,000 Americans take Ecstasy.
4,800,000 Americans take Cocaine.
7,000,000 Americans are criminals.
MILLIONS of them are NOT working. They are in the GREEN Zone on the chart.
They receive "PRIORITY Medical Care" paid for by working and retired Americans.
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