38,800,000 (almost 39 million) Americans take illegal drugs -- heroin, meth, cocaine, LSD, PCP, Ecstasy, Fentanyl (opiates), etc. There are 7 million criminals (felons and ex-felons). Millions of them are between 15 and 40 years old. Many of them are NOT working. They do NOT have health insurance. They are in the GREEN Zone on the chart because of their age. The Government gives them PRIORITY Medical Care.

In the above story, the 5 year old girl and 60 year old man died from Health Care Rationing. The DEATH PANEL denied their medical care because of their ages (RED Zone on the chart). The 60 year old patient had a job, paid taxes, volunteered for charity, and never committed a crime. The 25 year old was a drug dealer, drug addict, unemployed gang member, and committed many crimes. The hospital took away medical care from the 60 year old man and 5 year old girl and gave it to a 25 year old patient (GREEN Zone on chart). This will happen because the Death Chart represents Health Care Rationing for more than 300 million Americans. This is Ugly! This is not the American Way! This is NOT America as it was meant to be!
This is more than a Death Chart. This chart tells you when it is Time to Suffer. If you are in the RED Zone, Government employees will examine your doctors' diagnosis for treatment. This process delays medical care by weeks and months. Death Panel Decisions = DELAYS in Medical Care = Sickness, Diseases, and Infections become worse = Patients' Health becomes worse = MORE Suffering and MORE Deaths.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics says 100 MILLION working age Americans are NOT working. The number is too high. Millions of them have jobs in the 2 TRILLION DOLLAR a year "UNDERGROUND or HIDDEN Economy." They work for cash. Tax cheats, drug dealers, criminals and prostitutes do NOT report their income to the IRS. Their income is Tax Free! The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) will give them a BIG BONUS .... "almost FREE" Health Insurance!

A single person's health insurance is $5,429 a year. Tax cheats, drug dealers, criminals and prostitutes pay only $217 per year -- a $5,212 discount (lower cost) for health insurance. Family health insurance is $15,073 a year. Tax cheats and drug dealers with families pay only $441 a year -- a $14,632 discount (lower cost) for health insurance! This is a great economic incentive program for people to hide their income and to become tax cheats, drug dealers, criminals and prostitutes!

The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) will TAKE MONEY from honest, tax paying, working and retired Americans. After taking the money, the Government will spend the money to give "almost FREE" health insurance -- to MILLIONS of drug dealers, prostitutes, robbers, identity thieves, and tax cheats.
"Almost FREE" Health Insurance
for MILLIONS of Tax Cheats, Criminals, and Prostitutes.
It is Time for You to Suffer.
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(Note: Website links to information about Death Panels are on page 21. Survey results: 40% to 83% of Doctors are thinking about quitting because of the NEW Health Care Act. Website links are on page 20.)
Lancet Medical Journal with more information