Golden rays of the morning sun were shining through an opening in the curtains. Sunlight made her snow-white hair sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight. She was sleeping in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. The wrinkles on her face radiated a lifetime of kindness. She opened her eyes. The kindness on her face grew brighter and brighter -- like the sun rising on a bright sunny day. Suddenly, her face changed to extreme agony! She was gasping for air! She was drowning in air! How can that happen? People drown in water, in swimming pools, in lakes, and in oceans!

Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit were reading newspapers. The nurses did not wash their hands as they went from patient to patient. The nurses did not wash their hands when they gave her medical care because she was just an old lady. The nurses gave her a vicious superbug bacteria. Superbugs attacked her like vicious pit bulls! Superbugs destroyed her lungs. She was drowning in air! The suffering was horrible! She died gasping for air! It was a terrible sight to see!

Government gives health care workers the Freedom to Kill. They can choose to help the patient or kill them. Entering a hospital is like playing a deadly game of Russian roulette. Instead of a bullet in a gun, there are deadly doctors and nurses who kill by spreading diseases. If a person goes to the wrong hospital, the wrong doctor, the wrong nurse -- the person dies! There are many ways to kill a patient. A common way to kill (or injure) a patient is the failure to wash hands before giving medical care! It's easy to kill. 30% to 84% of doctors and nurses do NOT wash their hands before giving medical care! They spread deadly bacteria from patient to patient. Many patients die a very painful death.

Health care workers spread superbugs from emergency rooms to hospital rooms and to patients! A medical research team discovered 95% of hospital privacy curtains were contaminated with superbugs (MRSA and VRE). The hospital purchased new privacy curtains. Within one week, 92% of the new privacy curtains were contaminated with vicious superbugs!

Superbugs are deadly microscopic bacteria. In one day, one superbug can multiply (with binary fission) into TRILLIONS of superbugs that viciously attack the body. On a human scale, it is like fast growing pack of vicious pit bulls trying to kill a person. The pit bulls have the power to mutate into Cobras of Death, some mutate into Crocodiles of Death, some mutate into Hyenas of Death, and some mutate into Piranhas of Death. ALL of them are attacking the patient! This is what it is like inside the body of a person infected with superbugs! Health care workers are spreading superbugs all over America!
Freedom to Kill
ObamaCare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) DOUBLES the shortage of doctors and creates medical chaos! The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) created a MASSIVE SHORTAGE of doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and medical equipment. (See chart)

There was a SHORTAGE of doctors and Health Care workers BEFORE Democrats passed the ObamaCare Law. The Red Area on the chart represents an EXTRA SHORTAGE of 30,000 more doctors (or 60 MILLION doctor hours every year). This MASSIVE SHORTAGE of doctors (nurses and other health care workers) will spread sickness, diseases, and superbugs to patients in hospitals! The RED Area also represents MASSIVE SUFFERING for patients and their families!

Source: Association of American Medical Colleges
ObamaCare Nightmare!
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