from Health Care Workers!
The Government's (United States of Hollywood)
NEW Health Care LAW
BRINGS Sickness, Diseases, and Deaths!

CANCEL... the NEW Health Care LAW
Hospitals have shortages of doctors, nurses, technicians, medical equipment, and medications. Many waiting rooms are FULL. Standing room only! Patients are standing in hallways waiting for doctor appointments! The NEW Health Care Act pushes 30 MILLION uninsured (or 115 MILLION new hospital visits every year) into hospitals that are already FULL. What happens?
The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) gives health care workers the FREEDOM to KILL.
30% to 84% of health care workers do NOT wash their hands before giving medical care. They spread viruses and bacteria to patients all across America! In the next 10 years, ONE MILLION Americans will die and 20 MILLION Americans will suffer with sickness and diseases because of Hospital Acquired Infections.

When the Golden Age of America arrives, health care workers will NOT have the Freedom to Kill.
RFID technology will take away the Freedom to Kill from health care workers. RFID is Radio-Frequency Identification. RFID hand washing stations will IDENTIFY health care workers who give medical care WITHOUT washing their hands.

An example of a RFID report... Doctor W.W. Jones, badge number #567, did NOT wash his hands
12 times before giving medical care to Mary Street in Room 25, on the following dates and times:
Feb. 15, 8:11 a.m.; Feb. 15, 11:21 a.m; Feb. 15, 3:44 p.m.; Feb 16, 8:51 a.m; .... etc.

Patients and their families will read RFID Hand Washing Reports. They will discover the failure to wash hands. They will complain! RFID Hand Washing Reports will identify health care workers who spread superbugs to patients! It is extremely dangerous to spread viruses and bacteria to patients! It represents death -- or, extreme suffering for survivors! GUARANTEED... with the help of RFID technology... future hospitals will be far superior when compared with today's hospitals.

RFID Technology and RFID Hand Washing Stations are available today!
SOLUTION... Tell the Government (of the United States of Hollywood) to EXPAND the Health Care System with more doctors, more nurses, and more health care workers BEFORE adding 30 MILLION to a Health Care System that is FULL with patients!
If our Government refuses, it is time for a NEW Government.
1) Health care workers will have LESS time to wash their hands before giving medical care = MORE contaminated patients = MORE superbugs, MORE sickness, MORE diseases, and MORE deaths!
2) Doctors will make faster diagnosis. Nurses will treat patients faster. = MORE medical errors!
3) Longer waiting time for medical equipment = DELAYED treatment = MORE Sickness and Deaths!
4) Shortages of medications = RATIONING = DELAYED treatment = MORE Sickness and Deaths!
5) Longer waiting time for blood tests and culture tests = DELAYED treatment = MORE Sickness and MORE Deaths. This list of defects and errors can go on and on!
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