BEWARE... this is how
the United States of Hollywood
will create
The Government (of the United States of Hollywood)
wants WELFARE... NOT Health Care!
The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) took away $700 BILLION dollars from Medicare. At the same time, they spent $927 BILLION dollars a year for 79 Welfare Programs! In the future, they will INCREASE welfare spending to over ONE TRILLION dollars every year! The President and Congress are clearly telling Americans -- "We will spend your tax money on WELFARE... NOT Health Care!"

After taking away $700 BILLION from Medicare, the Government spent the money on Welfare Programs -- Medicaid, etc. The President and Congress of the United States of Hollywood designed it that way -- for votes!
Three EASY ways to RATION Health Care. 1) REDUCE payments to health care providers (doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc); 2) DELAY payments to health care providers; 3) INCREASE medical regulations, medical care reporting regulations, and payment processing regulations. All three ways DECREASE income for health care providers. Health care providers will have LESS profit, some will have NO profit, and sometimes, they will LOSE money to provide health care. The American Medical Association reports 17% of ALL doctors, including 31% of primary care physicians will reduce the number of Medicare patients because of lower reimbursement rates. These are examples of Health Care Rationing.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is an important part of the NEW Health Care LAW. The 15 member panel have the power and authority to DECREASE the cost of medical care. Many Americans call it a "Death Panel." It is also a "Health Care Rationing Panel." Technically, the Health Care Act is against rationing. Realistically, they will RATION health care and call it "Cost Containment."

The IPAB will develop cost cutting formulas. Government employees will apply the formulas. For example, Medicare pays $1,675 for cataract eye surgery. The NEW formula reduces the payment to $1,000. When this happens, 84% of surgeons will not accept Medicare patients because they LOSE money. Patients will go to the 16% who are in business. This represents an 84% RATIONING of health care for Medicare patients who need cataract surgery. Formulas will apply to many health problems for the elderly -- macular degeneration surgery, etc. If a person is younger than 15 or older than 40, they will receive health care RATIONING (see RED Zone on Chart on page 13). Government rationing will save BILLIONS. This will help finance "almost FREE" health insurance for 30 MILLION.

The IPAB (or Death Panel) is 1 of 150 NEW Federal Agencies. Many of these Agencies will use "Cost Containment" and the "Three Easy Ways" to RATION Health Care. Medicare spending is limited to the GDP growth rate plus 1%. This requirement will economically strangle and suffocate health care providers! Labor, equipment, and medication costs are much higher than the GDP growth rate. This Health Care LAW has regulation and reporting requirements that INCREASE the cost of medical care. This will result in a very slow and painful economic death for many health care providers. Every year they will have a DECREASE in profit, then NO profit -- and finally, bankruptcy for providing medical care!

When this happens, health care facilities will go bankrupt. Government will hire those unemployed health care workers to build GOVERNMENT health care. This NEW Health Care LAW is a powerful and vicious plan to destory private health care in the United States!
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