Golden Age of America
Health Care
TV programs, newspapers, magazines, and sex websites PROMOTE Casual Sex.
Casual Sex SPREADS sickness, diseases, and deaths!
110 MILLION have Sexual Diseases!
Every year, there are 20 MILLION more Sexual Diseases!
Who pays their medical bills? ObamaCare -- and, YOU pay for ObamaCare!
Every year, there are 20 MILLION more Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). It is a very large number! When patients are cured, they will have more casual sex and get re-contaminated. Health Care workers will cure them again! They will get re-contaminated again and again! Every year, 25% or 5 MILLION Sexually Transmitted Infections will be LIFELONG infections!

STI cost increases by 16 to 20+ BILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR. In the next 10 years, STI cost increases by 200 BILLION DOLLARS. The LIFETIME COST for Sexually Transmitted Diseases is 1.2 TRILLION dollars! Who pays? ObamaCare pays -- and, YOU pay for ObamaCare! Also, the taxpayer pays! Those with health insurance will pay! The STI cost is added to everyone's health insurance! Spreading of STI should NOT be FREE. Reduce Insurance coverage for Sexually Transmitted Infections. (100+ BILLION dollar Savings/20 years )

TV programs, newspapers, magazines, and sex websites are promoting casual sex. They are helping to fill hospitals with sexual disease patients. They are helping to create a shortage of health care workers. They are raising the cost for medical care! This will DELAY the arrival of the Golden Age of Health Care!
Source: United States Center for Disease Control
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