The United States of Hollywood operates on borrowed money! When the Government reaches its Credit Card Limit -- the Government cannot borrow money! This means... NO unemployment checks, NO housing assistance, NO food stamps, NO Medicaid, and NO welfare benefits! Medicare and Social Security programs will shrink! Taxes will increase! Businesses will go bankrupt. Massive unemployment. Life in the United States of Hollywood will make the Great Depression of the 1930's look like a party and a picnic! Hollywoodites will Panic in Poverty! BEWARE... People in Panic can do some very evil things!

Government should offer work instead of handouts to those in poverty! This means, people should work for welfare, work for unemployment checks, work for food stamps, work for housing assistance, etc. When this happens, the poor are building a better life for themselves and their families. They develop new work habits, new skills, and discover new opportunities!
Government Regulations creates Unemployment
The United States of Hollywood floods the country with more than 100 million words of regulations. It costs 1.75 TRILLION dollars EVERY YEAR to follow Government regulations. Regulations prevent businesses from starting, growing, expanding, and from hiring new workers. Excessive Government regulations creates massive unemployment! Today, 26 million are unemployed. Their families live never-ending nightmares -- life without a job, without income, and without a future! 26 million want full time jobs and cannot find jobs!

Government should have: 1) fewer regulations, 2) clear and easy to understand regulations, 3) detailed proof showing the need for each regulation, 4) Congressional approval for all regulations, 5) all regulations should be available (in advance) to those who want to start and operate a business.

Fewer regulations and easy to understand regulations will give the "Spirit of Freedom" to inventors, innovators, and investors. This "Spirit of Freedom" will energize people to invent new products, create new companies, and expand businesses. When this happens, the American job creation economy will roar back to life to create millions of good jobs -- and, there will be more JOY in America!
American Jobs are for Americans
The United States of Hollywood has an "Open Borders Immigration Policy." Immigration laws are not enforced. Illegals receive FREE medical care, FREE education, FREEDOM from taxes, and FREEDOM to steal jobs. Illegals have stolen 12 MILLION jobs from Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Anglo Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and many other Americans!

In 1986, the United States gave 3 MILLION illegals "Amnesty" and BILLIONS of dollars in free benefits! What happened? It was like turning on a "Green Light." After seeing a bright "Green Light," millions entered the United States illegally. Today, 12 to 20 MILLION illegals are in the United States. After stealing American jobs, illegals want the full benefits of citizenship. The United States of Hollywood will give it to them! Total Cost of Amnesty for illegals is $6.3 TRILLION (see link for more information).
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Should people work for food stamps, etc.? Click here > READ Ben Franklin's Answer!
Who pays the $6.3 TRILLION? The American taxpayer! It will take 20 MILLION Americans working at minimum wage for 20 YEARS with a 100% tax rate to pay for the cost of Amnesty. This is Economic Slavery! Pretend for a moment, the $6.3 TRILLION has a 20% error. The cost will be $5 TRILLION. Pretend the error rate is 30%. The cost will be $4.4 TRILLION. Pretend the error rate is 50%. The cost will be $3.2 TRILLION. This represents a MASSIVE TRANSFER of WEALTH from the American Taxpayer to illegals.

Open Borders and the NEW Amnesty Program are important parts of the United States of Hollywood's plan for a "North American Union" -- where Mexico, the United States, and Canada combine into one country with a new flag, new taxes, and new laws. Every five years, illegals take more than a TRILLION dollars in wages from American citizens! The United States of Hollywood took away the "Freedom to Work" from 12 million Americans and gave their jobs to illegals. 12 MILLION Americans and their families live never ending nightmares -- life without a job, without income, and without a future!