The Five Freedoms - The Foundation of America
The Five Freedoms helped create the United States of America -- the greatest nation on earth. Our wonderful Five Freedoms are gifts from God (the Creator) to all mankind. The Five Freedoms have a wonderful multiplier effect. Use one Freedom -- receive great benefits! Use two Freedoms -- receive greater benefits! Use all Five Freedoms -- and we have power to change America and the World.

The Five Freedoms are the foundation of American Democracy. The United States of Hollywood crushed our Five Freedoms and gave us "Paradise Lost." Americans don't want to live in "Paradise Lost." Their dream is to live in the "Golden Age of America" with the Five Freedoms and their God Given Rights -- Now and Forever!
The United States of Hollywood spent 16 TRILLION dollars for the "War on Poverty" and LOST the War! The poverty rate went UP (from 1964-66 to 2012). Today, more than 46 million Hollywoodites live in poverty! The Hollywoodite Government lost the War on Poverty by taking away the "Dignity of Labor" and the "Freedom to Work and Build." The War on Poverty cost 16 TRILLION dollars! This is equal to 2 TRILLION hours of work -- or, 50 MILLION people working full time for 20 YEARS. Imagine an extra 50 MILLION people working FULL TIME for 20 YEARS to build a better life for themselves, their families, and for a better America. Imagine the wonderful America they could have built. America would have been a more JOYFUL place to live!

Instead of offering 2 TRILLION hours of work to the poor, the United States of Hollywood gave away most of the 16 TRILLION dollars -- something for nothing, free money! By giving handouts instead of jobs, this is what happens! 100 MILLION working-age Hollywoodites do NOT work! Many of them are not looking for work! They lost their "Dignity of Labor" and their JOY of building a better life!

The United States of Hollywood gives away 927 BILLION dollars every year! More than 100 MILLION receive FREE food. 62 MILLION Hollywoodites receive Medicaid. 12 MILLION Hollywoodites receive housing subsidies. Hollywoodites vote for the United States of Hollywood because they give away money! The "Burn Rate" (spending and borrowing of money) will continue until Hollywoodites burn the United States of Hollywood to the ground.
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The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) is against the "Freedom to Work and Build"
 -- and, this is what happens!