SOLUTION... Give the "Freedom to Work" to 12 MILLION Americans! After a grace period of one year, illegals in the United States will be subject to the following laws:

1) Illegals will raise food for the poor on Federal Farms for 2 years for no wages. All food raised on Federal Farms will be distributed to the poor in the United States and to the poor in Central and South America.
2) Illegals will not benefit from stealing jobs from Americans. Their property and financial assets (gained illegally) will be confiscated, liquidated, and the money will be sent to Federal Farms to finance the growing and distribution of food to the poor.
3) Businesses (including individuals and companies in the underground economy) who hire illegals will receive a minimum penalty of 5 times the wages earned by illegals. This money will be sent to Federal Farms to finance the growing and distribution of food to the poor.
4) Illegals should not have birthright citizenship. American birthright citizenship applies exclusively to babies where both parents are citizens of the United States.

These new laws will give the "Freedom to Work" to millions of Americans! When this happens, 12 MILLION Americans will receive the "Golden Age Gift" of a job! Their American Dream has arrived. They are working! Imagine the JOY in America when 12 MILLION unemployed Americans are going to work to build a better life for themselves and their families.
Americans have great passion for conquering sickness and diseases. Their dream is to see JOY on the faces of Americans when they leave hospitals to celebrate LIFE with their families and friends! Health care workers are giving medical care to patients like they are the most valuable people on the face of the earth. They work with extreme care to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria from patient to patient. Health care workers live a magnificent "Life of Honor" by conquering sickness and diseases! They are giving the "Golden Age Gift of Life and Health" to patients who lay on hospital beds at the mercy of others. When they become healthy, they will go home to their families and friends to celebrate LIFE. Their American Dream has come true -- and, there will be more JOY in America!
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The United States of Hollywood allows deadly viruses and bacteria (like superbugs) to spread in hospitals! Deadly MRSA bacteria infects 368,000 EVERY YEAR. Health care workers are spreading deadly MRSA bacteria all over the United States. Medical schools and teaching hospitals have some of the worst patient contamination rates!

The United States of Hollywood gives little (or no penalties) when hospitals spread viruses and bacteria from patient to patient. EVERY YEAR, 2 MILLION experience horrible suffering because they were infected with sickness and diseases while in hospitals. EVERY YEAR, 100,000 will receive a "Death Sentence!" They died because they were infected with sickness and diseases while in hospitals. Their families and friends will live with life-crushing pain and suffering!

EVERY YEAR, Americans pay more than 30 BILLION dollars for Hospital Acquired Infections!
EVERY YEAR, 2 MILLION pay higher hospital bills and higher medical insurance!
EVERY YEAR, the Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood), hospitals, and health care workers give never-ending nightmares to more than 2 MILLION infected patients!
The United States of Hollywood is against the "Freedom from Sickness and Diseases"
-- and, this is what happens!