ObamaCare (PPACA) ADDS 115 MILLION hospital visits EVERY YEAR to a Health Care System that is FULL. It will DECREASE doctor-patient time by increasing the number of patients, increasing regulations, and increasing medical reporting requirements. The Government will pay health care providers less money for medical care. This pushes health care providers into bankruptcy! BEWARE...the PERFECT STORM for Health Care is about to arrive!

This NEW Health Care Act creates more than 150 Federal Agencies to CONTROL and RATION Health Care. It will be like the Post Office (USPS) operating the Health Care System of the United States. There will be foul ups, errors, shortages, and never-ending waiting lines for health care. Government has a terrible track record for quality and efficient management. Government mismanagement is common knowledge.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office delivered a 345 page report to Congress with suggestions for a more efficient Government. (March 2011).
This report shows the President and Congress of the United States of Hollywood are not solving problems! The problems are still there! Those problems (and other problems) are growing larger and more dangerous everyday! Today, they have become BILLION and TRILLION dollar problems with the power to CRUSH the United States of Hollywood. When this happens, Hollywoodites will have burnt their country to the ground. Red hot financial ashes will be everywhere! Instant Poverty!

Then, something wonderful will happen! Ideas from Americans (the new minority) will rise and grow from the burnt ashes! Americans are builders! Americans are problem solvers! Americans will work to build a better life -- and, the Golden Age of America will appear! You will see a future so wonderful and magnificent it is beyond our imagination!
A summary of this Government report.
The Government (of the United States of Hollywood)
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)
is the "PERFECT STORM" for Health Care.
Government operates on credit. Welfare programs are financed with credit. Welfare programs will disappear! Medicare and Social Security will "almost" disappear! The United States of Hollywood will increase taxes! Businesses will be unable to pay more taxes! Businesses will go bankrupt! There will be massive unemployment. Government income will "almost" disappear. Life in the United States of Hollywood will get so ugly -- it will make the Great Depression of the 1930's look like a party and a picnic!
BEWARE of the day
 the United States of Hollywood reaches its Credit Card Limit
 -- a GREAT DEPRESSION will arrive --
and Hollywoodites will Panic with Poverty!
What happens when the United States Government
reaches its Credit Card Limit and cannot borrow money?
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