What happens when our "Paradise Lost" Government cannot borrow more money?
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The Government (of the United States of Hollywood)
In 1966, politicians created the United States of Hollywood by spending money for the "Great Society" and the "War on Poverty." Those carefully chosen words camouflaged welfare. Politicians created many welfare programs! Welfare spread all over the country. Millions of Americans became Hollywoodites because they wanted free money and benefits! Hollywoodites and their politicians created the United States of Hollywood -- a Nation on Welfare -- by voting for free money and benefits!

Today, Hollywoodites have elected a Hollywoodite President, a Hollywoodite Congress, and a Hollywoodite Supreme Court. Today, it is the United States of Hollywood.

The very popular Hollywoodite Media gives full support to the Government (United States of Hollywood). They work with the Government to promote a culture of decadent sex, decadent violence, and decadent crime. Hollywoodites are spreading sexual diseases faster than doctors can cure them. Millions are suffering with sexual diseases. They want "almost FREE" medical care. Millions of drug addicts want free medical care. The NEW Health Care LAW gives it to them! Hollywoodites will continue to vote for the Government because they give away money and benefits! The "Burn Rate" (spending and borrowing of money) will continue until Hollywoodites burn their country to the ground.

Every year, Hollywoodites receive 927 BILLION DOLLARS in free money and benefits. The government ran out of money giving them benefits! The solution was simple -- borrow more money! The government borrows more than a TRILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR.

In the near future, a powerful teacher will arrive to teach Hollywoodites the value of work. The teacher is called... the Great Depression! Hollywoodites will learn to work for food -- or, they will starve! Hollywoodites will Panic in Poverty! BEWARE... People in Panic can do very evil things!
# 1) Declared a FAKE "War on Poverty" # 2) Started a REAL "War on Society"
# 3) Ran out of money, # 4) BORROWED Trillions, # 5) and GUIDES us to a Great Depression!
19 TRILLION Government DEBT and 40+ TRILLION Unfunded DEBT
= 59+ TRILLION = Total Federal & State DEBT
These are VERY LOW estimates!

Bankers ask this important question! "HOW will you payback your loan?"
Have you asked this question to your politicians?

HOW will the United States payback a 59 TRILLION DOLLAR loan?
( $ 59,000,000,000,000 loan )