When we follow our Five Freedoms and God Given Rights, we are renewing, rebuilding and reinventing America -- and, there will be more JOY in America! The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) went the opposite way! They took away our Five Freedoms and our God Given Rights -- and gave us "Paradise Lost."

WARNING >>> This "Paradise Lost" Government and their Hollywoodite TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines are hiding many GIANT PROBLEMS. Those problems are growing larger, uglier, and more dangerous everyday! The United States of Hollywood will continue to hide giant problems until a deep, long lasting, GREAT ECONOMIC DEPRESSION arrives!

Today, thousands of Americans are revealing problems hidden by the Government. Please... listen to them! Americans have a wonderful history of solving problems. When Americans discover problems, they will solve them. When those problems are solved, open your eyes and look around. The Golden Age of America will arrive with a Future so wonderful and full of JOY, it is beyond our imagination!

Living in the "Golden Age of America" -- in the Land of the Free -- is what America was meant to be! When the "Golden Age of America" appears, Americans will work with the "Dignity of Labor" to build a better life for themselves, their families, and for a better America!
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The Government's NEW Health Care Act is a Medical Care Nightmare!
It is the "Perfect Storm" for Health Care!
PLUS... TRILLIONS of Dollars of More Debt and More Taxes!