Website links for more information about Hospital Acquired Infections like superbugs.
Heartbreaking stories of patients suffering from superbugs. Each summary has more information.
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More stories from patients who are infected with superbugs.
HEALTH CARE RATIONING article with Chart. The author advised the President, his advisors, and Congressmen for the NEW Health Care Act.
Source: The Lancet Volume 373, January 31, 2009, pages 428-429.
Government's NEW Health Care Plan gives "Almost FREE" Health Insurance. $217 yearly premiums; Family yearly premiums = $441 (see chart).
RFID Hand Washing Stations reduces Hospital Acquired Infections. Hospitals of the Future will have RFID Hand Washing Stations to IDENTIFY the health care worker who are NOT washing their hands before giving medical care. This will save lives and prevent suffering.
Free Internet book. “Unnecessary Deaths: The Human and Financial Cost of Hospital Infections."
2 MILLION Hospital Acquired Infections and 103,000 Deaths every year. Cost = $30 BILLION every year.
Average Cost of Medical Insurance.
$5,429 yearly premiums; Family yearly premiums = $15,073 (see chart on page 2)
The Golden Age of America
In the future, there will be a MASSIVE SHORTAGE of 261 MILLION doctor hours EVERY YEAR (or 130,600 doctors). The NEW Health Care Act pushes 30 MILLION uninsured into a Health Care System that is FULL (and sometimes, overflowing with patients). There will be Health Care RATIONING. Hospitals will be very crowded. Viruses and bacteria will spread like wildfire from patient to patient. The result: More sickness, diseases, and deaths.
This page has more than 30 links to websites with information about superbugs (MRSA). The person who developed this website lost her father due to superbug contamination in the hospital.
More than 100 MILLION receive FREE food.
This website has information about hospital acquired infections and superbugs!
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