The Golden Age of America
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Our Government should work with the entire Health Care Industry to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria from patient to patient. Scientists and engineers have solutions to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections: 1) RFID hand washing stations in hospitals, 2) superbug bacteria culture tests for incoming patients, 3) superbug infected patients should be isolated (kept separate) from non-infected patients,
4) plus more solutions!

Without effective antibiotics, many SUPERBUGS have a 90% KILL RATE. There should be more Research and Development Programs to develop new antibiotics to fight superbugs! When new antibiotics are discovered, superbugs will lose their power to kill.

The United States should have a NATIONAL GOAL to fight Hospital Acquired Infections like superbugs. When this happens, Americans will reduce spread of viruses and bacteria in hospitals – and, millions of Americans will leave hospitals to celebrate LIFE with their families and friends.

Imagine the JOY in America, when every 4 years, 8 MILLION leave hospitals to celebrate LIFE. Their American Dream has come true! They will go home to celebrate LIFE with their families and friends!

By reducing the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections... Americans are building cities filled with LIFE. Americans are building rural areas filled with LIFE. When this happens, America becomes a NATION filled with LIFE.
Build a Nation filled with LIFE
Building a Nation filled LIFE… is the Future of America!