How will it happen? Spending money is called... the Burn Rate! The more Hollywoodites spend... the higher the Burn Rate! The Government (of the U.S. of Hollywood) has such a HIGH BURN RATE they will start a nationwide financial wildfire! It will happen instantly -- just like a real wildfire!

What will happen when the United States refuses to return 19 TRILLION they borrowed? What will happen when people discover $1 is worth 75 cents, then 50 cents, then 25 cents? What will happen when people discover the Federal Reserve printed 3 TRILLION DOLLARS -- and, spent the money? A nationwide financial wildfire will appear! Red hot financial ashes will be everywhere! Instant Poverty!
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Looking for America? Look in history books. America does not exist. Hollywoodites took control of the Democratic Party and conquered America. This is the United States of Hollywood. It is a place where 100 MILLION working age adults are not working. 39 MILLION take illegal drugs. More than 100 MILLION receive FREE food. The Government spends 927 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR for Welfare Benefits! Half of the country does not pay taxes! Plus, high crime rates, car jackings, home invasions, robbery, rape, group sex, orgies, pornography, sodomy, etc. This is United States of Hollywood -- and, Americans are the NEW minority!
Time for reality! Hollywoodites will burn their country down!
Americans (the NEW minority) are like farmers. They are planting NEW ideas about Freedom!
Imagine a future where health care workers save millions of lives! Imagine a future where millions of jobs are created. Imagine a future where men, women, and children discover the "Spirit of America" is a Spirit of Adventure, a Spirit of Exploration, and a Spirit of Ideas. When the "Golden Age" arrives, there will be an explosion of new ideas, new inventions, and new businesses!

The Journey to the "Golden Age" begins with our God Given Rights -- Life with Honor, Liberty with Peace, the Pursuit of Happiness with the Five Freedoms, and the Dignity of Labor. Our God Given Rights will guide us to the Golden Age of America!

The "Problem Solving Way" is the way to the "Golden Age of America." Americans will solve problems, create inventions, and discover God's Medical Miracles on the way to the "Golden Age." Americans will discover solutions to problems that have not been solved since the beginning of time -- and when this happens, the "Golden Age of America" will appear!
Be Alert! Look around. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans planting NEW ideas about Freedom! When the United States of Hollywood burns to the ground, those NEW ideas about Freedom will rise and grow from the burnt ashes! NEW ideas about Freedom will bury a decayed and decadent United States of Hollywood. NEW ideas about Freedom will help build the Golden Age of America. When it arrives, you will see a future so wonderful and magnificent it is beyond our imagination!
The Golden Age of America
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